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    For the purpose of quality and timely execution of the realization processes for construction and machine services, "Agro-bar" DOO Vinica has an experienced staff of engineers and workers, as well as high-tech equipment. In the locksmith-welding part we have machines for gas cutting of sheet metal up to 70mm, hydraulic sheets for cutting sheet metal up to 10mm, as well as folding of it on hydraulic appliance presses and roller machine. The mechanical finishing is carried out with Excenter presses of 160 tons and Friction press of 315 tons, all of which is accompanied by a quality welding machine park such as REL and CO2 welding. In the machine part we have a complete machine park from lathes, rods, drills, grinders and a unit for heat treatment, thus closing the complete production cycle for complete production of agricultural machinery, utility equipment, as well as construction and other service activities. The long-standing experience and the completely rounded production process provide an opportunity to realize various contractual service activities. On the basis of regular analyzes, we improve the cooperation with our suppliers, and through continuous planning, timely allocation of human and material resources is carried out. The daily training of employees contributes towards continuous improvement of their professional performance.



ul. Partizanska n,1
Vinica, Macedonia
+389 71 246 728
+389 33 364 436
+389 33 364 446
+389 33 364 095

AGRO-BAR DOO Vinica R. Macedonia is a company whose main activity is production of metal products such as: agricultural machinery, containers, steel structures, other metal products, fences, spare parts and parts according to customers’ orders.


ul. Partizanska n.1  Vinica, Macedonia        | +389 71 246 728 | +389 33 364 436 | +389 33 364 446 | +389 33 364 095 |

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